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Generate Groundbreaking Ideas By Practicing The Following


The two main function of a business is marketing and innovation according to the father of Modern day management, Peter Drucker.

Innovation can only be realised when a team in a workplace work together with certain culture and skills in place.

Jeff Bezos attributed Amazon’s massive success to people’s willingness to innovate in his 2015 letter to shareholders, he explained that the source of the $100 billion dollar company’s ability to innovate.

The following are the culture and things you need to start practising to make your team more innovative with ideas.


People tend to shy away from experimenting because of the fear of failure without knowing that it is part of the ingredients of success. The key to making failure work for you is conducting experiments especially time-bound, little but effective experiments.

Discuss with your team and for every innovation, you are planning to create, make everyone get involved with the experiment to become a success.

Turn Idea Generation To A Habit

An innovation is a product of a lot of ideas. You may have to think of a lot of ideas until you can get just one that will be innovative. A large number of choice will make it easier to know exactly what your customers want.

Therefore as you are conducting you numerous experiment, be writing down all the ideas you get from each and every one of it.

Make sure idea generation becomes a habit in your business, encourage them to bring in suggestions and ideas. These will help your team to be innovative


Make sure you and your team are not stuck on one idea or way of thinking, one of the ways to be innovative is to diversify.

Steve Job in 1982 said that business owners should make it a point to step outside your comfort zone, accumulate new experiences for yourself both professionally and personally.

Your experience in an unrelated industry can be of help, do not disregard it.

Encourage criticism

A lot of people tend to relax when they are not criticized, try to encourage criticism among your team members. Be careful with this and make sure you censor the criticisms and make sure it is constructive.

According to a research done by UC Berkeley conflict improves the ideation process. Apart from criticism make sure you get other members of the team to develop any idea submitted.

Make Your Customers The Center Of All Ideas

You are doing that business for some set of people, therefore if you really want your innovation to be relevant to your customers, make sure they are the centre of any idea or teamwork you want to engage in. This will help you to get the best out of whatever you want to do.

Focus on the following and getting innovative ideas will be easier than you think.

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