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Social Media Marketers and Agricultural Business operators. Prerequisites

The Materials required for arranging a fruitful seminar include:

Location: This is extremely vital to the achievement of your seminar. Spots you can use as your seminar venue incorporate essential and optional school classrooms, occasion focuses, lodgings and even places of worship.

Projector: on the off chance that you truly need to convey your group of onlookers along, on the off chance that you don’t have a projector, you should seriously think about leasing one. There are individuals who represent considerable authority in leasing projector and projector screens to seminar coordinators you might need to look at them. On the off chance that you are in set out need of a decent and reasonable projector, Public Address System i.e a speaker and mouthpiece, however everything relies upon the extent of your gathering of people.

A creating set will likewise be expected to control every one of the devices to be utilized. The most effective method to MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR SEMINAR The most ideal approach to profit from sorting out a Seminar is by charging a seminar expense. You can choose to charge a seminar expense of say 2000 naira.

This charge covers every one of the costs made and all the cost caused in arranging the seminar. Expecting you have 100 participants and each of them were to pay a seminar expense of N2000, that is a whooping N200, 000 straight to your ledger.

Another approach to profit is by pitching your Seminar or preparing materials to your gathering of people. You can choose to bundle all the data to be instructed in a CD or in a printed configuration and pitch to all participants.

On the off chance that the data is extremely useful, they will purchase.

4.  Fried Foods
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Fried food such as yam, akara, puff-puff are fast moving especially in the City. In Lagos for instance, You would see the seller display their wares at the road junction of a busy area, say the market. The city is a place where people hustle and they eat on the go. All these kinds of fast food sells very fast.
The rate of turnover is high and most importantly, you can start the business with capital as low as N20,000. While some concentrate on Akara and Yam, some prefer just puff-puff while you may even learn to do snacks such as Egg Bonze.

Image result for scavengers in Nigeria
You would be surprise to see we add SCAVENGING as a business. You would have noticed some dirty boys picking metals, and some other dirts around, or some who normally buy used irons, mattress and the likes from you, they are the scavengers. Truly for the scavengers, they have bosses who send them around to pick waste metals, irons, bottles and the likes and they are rewarded with a token.
This business owners sell the waste items to companies that recycle them and they earn alot of money from this business.

2. Pepper Grinding:
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I have never seen a household that says they do not buy or grind pepper. This business rakes in a lot for the owners. It is always better to site it in front of your house than market. If you happen to be the only one in the business, you can enjoy monopoly for a very long time.
The funniest part is that this business requires just buying the Grinding Machine, then you start raking in a stable income

1. Herbs

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This is the most interesting part of the business that most people underrate but fetches alot of money for the owners. Although, it is very important to learn and know the herbs that works for which ailment. Basically, the sellers concentrate on pile and fever. These are the most selling types of herbs.
If you are lucky, you can get a spot where you can permanently display your wares. Alot of parents have through this business, send their children to the University. You may underrate the business but believe me, it fetches alot of money for the owners

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