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These Five Elements Surprisingly Boosts Productivity


Productivity is the hallmark of the growth of any organisation that means it is very important for any firm; both profit-making organisations and non-profit making organisations to be productive.

Been productive might be technical but if the elements that lead to it are studied closely, you will discover that they are not as hard to understand as they seem.

The following are some elements that are mostly ignored but actually add to the productivity of employees.


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This is mostly ignored in organisations because everybody feels it is not a formal action to crack jokes or make people laugh. But according to a study by the University of Nebraska and Vrije University Amsterdam, humour actually makes a team livelier and it makes employees perform better, which leads to better communication among the team and ultimately leads to new and better solutions to problems in the organisation.


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Different studies have shown that multitasking is counter-productive, the more you try to multitask the more you get distracted which most times doesn’t lead to productivity.

Researchers at Stanford University found that even if you are highly skilled at doing things at once, you become less adept at taking and retaining new information.


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A study conducted by Cornell University shows the colder a workplace is the less efficient workers become. They increased the temperature from 68 degrees to 77 degrees and employee’s typing errors decreased by 44 % and their output increased by 150 %.

A cold workplace distracts employees and causes them to lose focus, make sure the temperature is on the average.

At the same time, a hot temperature will also reduce productivity; therefore, try to get a balance to it.


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Colours are also factors that contribute to employee’s productivity in an organisation. Yellow motivates employees to be innovative and creative. While Green and blue increases focus. But colours like Beige, grey and white are not too good for a workplace, it might actually look clean and modern but they cause low morale especially when it is the only colour on the wall.

Art Work/Wall Pictures

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Make your workplace come alive with art and picture, there are some fairly cheap wall pictures that will make your employees feel at home. This relaxed state will increase their productivity every time.



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