One of the main function of a business manager is to make the business workspace stable and devoid of imbalances, this can be achieved by observing different things, but imbalances can come up when a manager starts comparing employees.

As a business owner, you might be tempted most times to actually compare different employees because they might not be at the level of commitment and smartness. As much as you think this will help your employees to work more, it can also do the following

It Discourages Individuality

For you to get the best out of your employees, they have to be themselves, a comparison will only make them want to be another person.

“Humans are motivated differently, have different strengths, and are led differently,”

“Comparing them implies that what works for one should work for another. It simply isn’t true in many cases.” Which does not work that way.

Try as much as possible not to compare, but you can praise a productivity employee and advice the others to get to know the things they can learn from him.

It Breeds Unhealthy Competition

Healthy competition is good in the workplace. It increases productivity and motivates workers to do their best. But if competitiveness interferes with your team’s dynamic, it can do more harm than good.

Employee comparison can make the working environment very competitive and can make people to stop contributing to teams rather they will want to do it alone which most times does not work.

Disallows Collaboration

Nobody wants to collaborate with the person always getting the praise. And the more the comparison the worse the collaboration rate.

“The collaboration goes away, the teamwork drops, and everyone starts to try to score points all by themselves,” said Glassett.

In this type of environment, productivity might increase in the beginning, he added. But after some time, the culture becomes toxic and unsustainable. Instead, employers and employees alike should celebrate strengths and pair up teammates who complement each other.

Damages Your Employee’s Self Esteem

When someone has to live up to another person’s standard and most times they don’t, it makes them feel they are not good enough which will automatically ruin their self-esteem. Instead of allowing that to happen with your employees, you should build and encourage high self-efficacy, which will help your employees to have the confidences to meet his or her goals.

As a manager in any business organization, learn to only give constructive criticism and comparison, you need those people to succeed.

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