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Compelling Questions You Need To Ask In Any Sales Campaign


Sales campaign, which can be done in so many ways can be very useful for a high level of sale, but has it been working for you? If not, that means you have not been doing the right thing.

A sales campaign is always welcomed by customers especially if it is going to be of benefit to them, therefore you have to know what to put in the face of your customers. The fact that it is a deal doesn’t mean they will take it, a proper research and analysis is important

A successful sales campaign can be achieved without stress if you can ask the following questions before you even start it at all.

 Is This Opportunity Worth Pursuing

Bad decisions can come looking like a great opportunity most times, and it is up to you to know the bad opportunity to the right one. You need to understand the customer’s business drivers, business initiative and compelling reasons for the customer to implement a decision.

You need to gather enough information about what you want to do. A market survey, customer research, and even activities of your competitors. When you have all this information it will be easy for you to conduct a feasibility test to check if the campaign will really work.

Develop an in-depth understanding of your product, the possible customers and competitors. When you ask all these questions, you will easily be able to get how feasible your sales campaign will be.

Will It Be Possible To Compete For The Opportunity

A sales campaign has to be competitive to be successful. This is so because most times the target customers are presently consuming another product, and for them to leave the product for yours there must be a compelling difference. Therefore you need to ask the question of how ready or capable are you with the current competition in the market.

Are there enough internal or external resources available to compete successfully for the business?

Are there any existing business relationships established with the customers

Does our solution or product offer value that can differentiate us from the competitors?

What Will This Sales Campaign Bring To The Table

There must be a forecast for what is to be expected from the campaign after you must have done your competitor’s analysis and every other possible analysis. Make sure you can know what is to come.

Ask questions like; How many people are we hoping to reach?

How many people are we planning to convert?

How many people do we think will come back after the first patronage?

These questions may sound simple, but when you dive into the analysis of the answer you will understand why it is so important. Your sales campaign can be very successful if you can invest to the answers to these questions

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