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Career Guide: How To Land Your Dream Job


Everyone has that Job that they are looking forward to getting, that position they are looking forward to climbing up to. I know you also do, and in this article, we will be discussing how you can land your dream Job with the following steps.

Define Your Dream Job

So many people talking about getting a dream Job do not even know what the Job is and what it entails, all they just want is to get a better place of work that pays better salary with better working conditions, you will have to do better than that to actually get that dream Job. You need to know the exact industry you want to go to get your dream Job.

This will help you to prepare and equip yourself fully to get the right type of Job in that industry. Define, know and be sure of where you want to get this job and depending on your dream and industry you can even narrow it down to a particular organization.

Join A Career-Oriented Group

There are so many groups around that will help you to get more knowledge about interviews and landing your dream Job, they might all sound like a broken record saying the same thing, but trust me you will get something from whatever they are saying, and that little knowledge can make all the difference.

Make An Extensive Research On The Educational Requirements For Your Dream Job

The more your educational attainment aligns with the requirements of your dream job, the closer you get to it. Therefore, check LinkedIn for giants in your industry, people presently occupying the seat for your dream job and related careers, study and pursue these educational attainments as much as possible.

Identify The Skills You Need

Apart from educational attainment, you need to have the skills that will help you to have an upper hand than any other person competing with you for the position.

·         Top Employability Skills

 Communication skills

·         Team Work

·         Analytical and problem-solving skills

·         Computer/technical literacy

·         Strong work values

Turn Internship Into Full Time Jobs

You can start as an intern in the organization where your dream job is, you will be able to show how valuable and useful you can be to the organization. The following tips will help you with it.

·         Seek out an internship that requires substantial work. Often small and medium-sized companies, which can be notoriously understaffed, provide the best opportunities.

·         Adhere strictly to the company’s dress code and office hours. Treat anyone with respect and professionalism, and don’t bad-mouth any co-workers.

·         Once the internship begins, don’t be shy to engage with your full-time colleagues. Use the internship to network with senior leaders and your fellow interns.

Direct Your Resume To The Job

Make sure your resume for the job is not the general resume you give for every job, make sure the resume you will send for that job is custom made for the job. In developing a resume and other promotional materials for the field you want to pursue, think about how your current skills and talents apply to the responsibilities you’ll hold in the new job

Start Applying/Contacting Organizations

Check different job portals to start the search for your dream job, build a relationship with recruiters in the industry because most times the juicy positions are not always announced.

Make Complimentary Cards

You will be able to use this to register your presence with people you have met in different organizations, this will help them to contact you easily when the need arises.


Do not forget that, daily development is a very vital key in getting your dream job, do not forget this and all the other tips above.



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