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How You Can Get More Business Sales via Social Media Without Paying a Dime


How You Can Get More Business Sales via Social Media Without Paying a Dime

Social media has proven to be one of the most important marketing tools for businesses in the past years. As a business, our goal is to maximize more profit through consistent sales of goods or services. Some businesses could not afford the budget for a proper marketing or advertising services but have a very powerful tool within their disposal, which is the Social Media.

Apart from proper businesses, we have a lot of individuals selling one product or the other, or offering one services or the other. They want to make more sales but no money to advertise. Getting the best out of the social media could prove a very good solution

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the most powerful social media platforms for businesses nowadays. Facebook looks the easiest as you can always start from your friend. Twitter and Instagram requires followership to be able to reach out to a lot of people.

Nowadays, people will no longer blame you for being unnecessarily social as it is now become a business venture. Consider someone who has a lot of followers on Instagram and Twitter, business owners now approach them for product/service advertisement. You can also help yourself, if you have a product or service to sell.

Follow the steps below:

– Add more friends:

You have to be picky in adding friends to your social platforms, especially if your motive is to seek potential customers. Only add those who match your ambition.

– Post about your business:

When you post to your timeline, the reach will depend on your number of friends and reshares. In as much as it is ok to regularly post about your product, do not bore your followers with such kind of post, simply mix it with the regular post, but be consistent

– Ask for Reshares:

When you post on any Social Media, you can only reach a greater number of people when you have people reshare your post. Ask your friends in a kind way, to help you reshare posts, especially the ones that talks about your business.

– Post Your Past Works:

If you are a service provider, say you are into furniture or a stylist, posting pictures of yourself while working and the finished product is a good way to quickly catch the attention of potential clients

– Create a Page/Group:

On Facebook, you can create a page or a group for your business. Getting people on group is pretty easier than page, so it would be wise to start with a group at the earlier stage. On the group page, you can regularly post about your business, ask people about their opinions and give them regular feedbacks.

– Boost Your Post:

If you feel the urgent need to reach out to a great number of potential customer, you can pay for ads on Facebook. Using a Post Boost ads will best suit your purpose. You can target audience based on location, gender, interest and get a faster result. Do not be scared by price as you can play with as low as N2,000 to reach out to a large number of potential customers.


Your posts must be creatively drafted, pictures must be clear and you must be consistent if you want a quicker result

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