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Business Opportunity: How To Make Money With A Drone 


Most people see a drone as a toy, while others still see it as a tool only use by in the movie. Drones are now everywhere especially the ones with a camera. You can use a drone to get cash rolling in without stress and hassle. You want to know how? Jump in.

Start Making Money Flying A toy (Drone)
How can use monetize a drone?

Ways To Make Money With A Drone.

Real Estate Photos & Video

You can take attractive pictures and videos with a drone for realtors, all you have to do is go to the house location and operate your toy. Most realtors find it hard to get amazing pictures for their listings because of the absence of tools like drones.

Roof Inspections

Instead of people climbing ladders to inspect a roof, it will be cheaper and better to have a camera that can see everything without stress. Drone inspections are cheaper and easier.

Stock Photography/Video

Drones are amazing for videos and pictures especially when it is a group picture.

Get Creative And technical

You can also explore any other ways that you can use this tool. Organizations are still trying to develop this industry, you can be part of the pacesetters in the different industry niches.

Other Creative Ways To Make Money With A Drone

  • Aerial reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Delivery and disaster relief
  • YouTube
  • Hotel and resort ads/videos
  • Wedding videos
  • Structural or building inspection
  • Agricultural or environmental inspection
  • Marketing at events (think low-flying billboards)

The Costs Of Starting A Drone Business

You will need up to $1500 to $2000 averagely to start a drone business, this cost includes the drone, Extra batteries(at least extra 2), ND filters for videography, Photo and video editing software, an FAA Drone pilot’s license(depending on your country).

Where To Find Drone Pilot Jobs

When you have bought your drone, you can start looking for where to use it.

Marketplace For Drone Pilot Jobs





In conclusion, Make sure you draft out your plan and strategy before investing in this business. This is a kind of business that can get you a lot of money with the right type of marketing and branding.

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