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Business Insights – The 5 Essentials Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed


1. Embrace disruption.

In today’s business environment, speed wins the race. Businesses must move quicker than ever before just to survive. People too often rely on what they know works and maintain the status quo. You cannot do the same thing the same way repeatedly and expect to reach a new level. Don’t be afraid to show leadership by taking risks. Disrupt!

2. Become a team player on a diverse team.

From my college days as an offensive lineman, I know the importance of teamwork. Business is a team sport. I’ve never met an individual who can accomplish a complex business task better than a team focused on that same task. Almost everything you do in business requires collaboration, in-depth ‘choreography’ and unselfish participation to succeed.  When managing your team, move away from traditional hierarchies, and look to more horizontal structures that will inspire and motivate folks to work together.

3. Define your vision of what success looks like.

Successful entrepreneurs have long-term visions. They define what they want their business to look like in five years, ten years, fifteen years, and even further. Your vision grounds you and keeps you focused on the end goal. Every successful entrepreneur who takes this journey will continually ask themselves several critical questions: What’s going right? What’s going wrong? What must we do differently? How do we course correct?

4. Train every day.

Very successful people are extremely hard workers. The road to entrepreneurial success is not a 100-yard, one-mile or five-mile race – it’s a marathon. And like any marathon, there are no shortcuts to victory or to greatness. Spending an extra five minutes to send a thank you note to your colleague or to reach out to a customer to ensure their issue has been solved goes a long way. I never bet on luck because I just wasn’t one of those people who got to where he was by way of luck. I got here through hard work, by sticking to my ethics, always taking the extra step and by knowing what my vision of success looks like

5. Have fun.

This one is simple. Have fun. When you enjoy your work, you will always excel, and the likelihood that you will achieve your business goals is significantly higher.

Furthermore, your passion and excitement for your business become infectious. Your employees will excel, as will their commitment to your business. Clients and customers will also be engaged and inspired, as your passion provides assurances about the quality of your product or service.


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