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Best Way To DJ In A Party Even Its Your First Time


Every quarter-aged hipster wants to be a DJ at one point or another. The only problem is that DJing is actually a really expensive hobby if you do it right. (And by right, I mean legally.) It used to be that you needed turntables, a mixer, an audio interface, crates of records, a controller and at least one sweet-looking set of headphones. That was then. This is now.

Now, simple, free music apps like Spotify, iTunes and Google Play make it relatively easy to create smooth transitions with nothing but a laptop and, ideally, an iPad or two. While that hardware’s not cheap, it’s likely that you own at least one if not more already.

Broadcasting with Spotify and crate-digging with iTunes (and vice versa) is also a ton of fun. I found out about these features having spent the last week laid up in bed with what’s politely known as Montezuma’s Revenge with nothing but a MacBook Pro equipped but Spotify and iTunes and a desire to spin. And guess what: it was awesome.


If you want to be a fake bedroom DJ, your best friend should be the queue feature. Like the expensive DJ apps, this is where you can line up songs on the ones and twos, though Spotify actually makes it even better be enabling you to set up entire playlists on the fly that you can both share and stream as a radio station. This basically enables you to make playlists on the fly that can keep your set sounding pretty smoothness.


Things get really fun when you start integrating Spotify’s mobile app into the mix. This sort of eliminates the need for a second turntable channel since you can just preview what’s next from your pocket. Ever heard of silent dance parties? Spotify is amazing for silent dance parties.

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