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Alternative Career Paths For Mothers Who can’t Handle 9-5


  • Run a Shop: This gives you the leverage to take care of your children, prepare for your husband, sort out the home, take of yourself and leave at your own time. You can employ a sales girl to open it and sell briefly before you resume at your convenient time. As long as you choose the right goods for the right location without much competition you will sell enough to take care of yourself and contribute to the family.
  • Be a freelance Make-Up artist: This is one of the most lucrative businesses right not and it allows you to choose your work. You decide when and how much you earn. You don’t work daily and your most productive periods are on the weekends when there are weddings. This is a plus as your husband will be around to take care of your children.
  • Sell goods online: From clothes, to hair, to beauty products, to creams and soaps, online sales have been becoming more popular by the day. More people are now more comfortable with shopping online and tapping into the numerous benefits associated with it. So pick a niche that you are sure of ease in getting the best products and sell away.
  • Freelance Writing and Editing: With the rise and growth of the internet, more and more organizations are in need of writing and editing services. Even the literature space is growing and ghostwriting and editing services are also needed. The best part is you can do these from home and at your own convenience. They are also very high paying jobs and depending on your passion, kind of fun and easy to start.
  • Handworks: This is also a very lucrative angle. The rise of made in Nigeria products have produced new breeds entrepreneurs. These are people doing things the right way. You can make shoes, bags, beads, hats, clothes, soaps or beauty products among others. The list is endless. Just pick the most suitable and interesting to you and do it.

Great read yeah? Kiss goodbye to stress and anxiety with these 5 alternative career paths for mothers who can’t handle 9-5 jobs. If this has been helpful do comment your thoughts and share with the social share buttons


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