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8 LinkedIn Tools That Businesses and Entrepreneurs Can Use To Get More Sales


You most likely LinkedInkedin to be a job listing website where you can meet with professionals and enlist your portfolio, but what you might not know is that Linkedin has so many tools that businesses and entrepreneurs can utilize for more ease.

A lot of tools has been created by the Linkedin website, but we will be highlighting the most relevant to entrepreneurs and businesses.

8 LinkedIn Tools That Businesses and Entrepreneurs Can Use To Get More Sales

#1 LinkedIn Company Pages

The Linked In company page is a page on the website to promote your brand and products, it can be used to showcase your business and what you do. it is good to project your brand name out there and also to connect people.

#2 LinkedIn Showcase Pages

You can build a showcase page for a particular part of your business, this page will appear in the right column of your company page.

#3 LinkedIn Sale Navigator

This tool helps you turn Linkedin to a social selling machine, you can use it for lead recommendations, account and contact import and CRM sync(salesforce), advanced search with lead Builder (access up to 400 million up to date professional profiles), account pages, a social selling index dashboard (to measure your efforts), real time updates and more.

#4 LinkedIn Elevate

This is a tool that employees can use to share approved contents with their network to enhance the their reputation and that of the company.

#5 LinkedIn Ads

There are promotional and text ads. The ad tool is useful for you to get your business to serious minded people that will most definitely patronize you. The ads will appear on targeted prospect’s homepage stream.

#6 LinkedIn Lead Accelerator

This will be added to your bundle when you pay for ads on LinkedIn, it will help you identify your prospects on your site, Linkedin and other partner sites and serve up either ads or sponsored content to nurture the relationship and covert those prospects into sales.

#7 LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

This tool sends Inmail messages directly to another LinkedIn Member to that is not in your network. They stay at the top of the recipients’ inbox and drive conversion with personalized messages.

#8 LinkedIn Small Business

This tool is for small businesses to join in a community of professionals with a business mindset. It helps to establish your brand presence, connect with your target audience, engage them with content marketing.


Pick the tool that works best with what you want from LinkedIn, there are so many other tools that you can also use to make Linked in work for you.


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