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8 Habits Of Mentally Balanced Leaders


Great leaders have been attributed with been mentally balanced and focused, this is a dominant character that every one that is aspiring to be a leader should have.

You need to be able to absorb and balance every pressure and tension that comes your way as you climb up the ladder to your dreams, because if you are not careful in your quest to make the best out of your life, you might tend to ignore other important things which at the end of the day affects the whole success.

This character, however, needs to be developed and it can only be developed through the following habits

Habits Of Mentally Balanced Leaders

The Right Mind Set

Identify what kind of mindset you want to maintain. The mindset for work and during your off times. Make sure you can distinguish between both. This will help you to balance work and other areas of your life. Put your full attention on who you are with and what you are doing.

Backup Strategy

Create a backup strategy or plan for everything you do. sometimes, things will just pop up even when you are not thinking about work. Instead of interrupting your activity as at that time, get a notepad to notes ideas like that until you are through with your present activity.

If you get a brilliant idea that you can’t afford to forget, jot down a few keywords and put it away.

Schedule Off Time

Set and honour specific times that are dedicated to being with family or friends and, also being alone doing things you enjoy. Structure comes more easily for some than others. If you’re one of the people who doesn’t like structure, it’s even more important for you to do this, so you can be intentional about creating the life you really want.

Pay attention to your breathing

Focusing on your breathing brings your attention away from your thoughts and back to what is immediately present. During “off time,” occasionally notice how you’re breathing. If your breath is rapid and located high in your chest, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Spend a moment focused on your breathing until you are breathing slowly and from a deeper place, which is how we breathe when we are relaxed.

Say No When You Have To

Let people know that you are changing your habits and are not going to respond to text and email or answer your phone for work-related matters during personal time unless there is a true emergency. If they understand this ahead of time, most people will respect your boundaries. They will begin to schedule meetings during times you’re available, and you will discover that many so-called emergencies are not as urgent as they seem at first.

Stop Multi-Tasking

Many people view it as an admirable skill. They think they get more accomplished. But studies have shown that you actually accomplish less and do it less well. The illusion of productivity comes at the expense of performance effectiveness. The less you multi-task, the less you’ll be tempted to slip a little work in

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