A business thrives on funding, (general knowledge) but not all funding is meant for your business. You need to understand that there are stages for different funds to enter your business. This is what we are going to be discussing in this article.

You are going to see signs that you should take note of when you want to get funding.  Check out the following signs to know your business is ready for financing and loan

#1 You can Define What Your Idea Serve

A business is a problem-solving tool, without this fact, any business will fail. You need to be able to define the solution your business is actually giving to people. This is what will give you the customer base that will patronize your business.

Before you go ahead with financing, identify your target customer segment, behavior and other necessary things. This will help you design your product or idea properly to fit what they want.

Having this in mind, you have will have to proceed to get the right market to acquire the type of audience you need to take your business to another level.

#2 You Have Trusted And Trusted Your Product

You need to be confident and sure of your product before investing a lot in it, or before collecting funds from external sources. This can be done with the prototype of a physical product or a beta version of a program or website.

You need to be able to say that you have tested it with a handful of people and it works. And not just that, they need to attest to the fact that they love it and want to come back to patronize you any other time.

#3 You Have Created A Business Plan And Model

Your business model asks the question of what you do and what you are going to do. while your business plan asks the question of why you started the business.

This will help you to provide a clear and concise account of what your business is all about to anybody or funding agency. These two documents provide proof and credibility for the business when It comes to funding.

#4 You Have Financial Plan

Your financial plan is very important to financiers and lenders because they need to know what you want to use the money you want to collect to do.

If you seek for the help of an angel investor, this part of the things they ask you to tender. These individual want to put their money on the line to fund your startup, they need to be sure about how sustainable it is.

This will convince them to invest or not.

#5 You Have Qualified Team To Execute Your Vision

These people will project you as a credible firm to invest in and at the same time, you need to gather a team of partners or mentors.


Make sure you make your firm marketable, be innovative with the way to brand your product and services, this will attract financiers and angel investors.

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