Most people with a 9 to 5 job are always complaining of having no time or opportunity to get extra cash from something else, most times this is not because of the unavailability of what to do it, it is mostly because of lack of information. in this article, i am going to open your eyes to what you can do even while you are still working in an organisation.

Freelance Writing

Good side hustles, like freelance writing, allow you to make money by trading your time. Since you’re trading time for money, you’re capped at how much you can make. Still, if you’re looking to hit, say an extra $1000 a month, freelance writing is a side hustle that can allow you to predict how much you can make. You can have a contract set up with a client or two that’ll allow you to know exactly how much money you’ll be able to make. The secret to succeeding as a freelance writer is to charge based on the value you’ll bring. Most freelance writers undercharge which results in fast burnout with little payoff.

Freelance Writing Tip: The best freelance writing opportunities are on ProBlogger. It’s the platform I used to find freelance work here at Oberlo. I also landed a few other top clients from the side job website. On average, the best paying freelance jobs are on there. However, if you’re just starting out, you might want to focus on building your portfolio and skillset on Fiverr, Craigslist or Upwork first as it’s easier to land your first few clients on those websites.

Social Media Manager

Chances are even if you’re brand new to tech skills like coding languages and digital design—you’ve logged some time on social media. However, social media has become such an unconscious part of daily life that you might not even realize having an elite Twitter game or killing it on Instagram are marketable tech skills. The good news is, they certainly are. While you might have social media dialled in, there are plenty of companies and clients out there who don’t (and who are willing to pay a social media manager to handle it for them). Social media managers typically combine experience using major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) with copywriting skills (you’ve got to keep those posts and tweets concise-yet -zippy), a bit of SEO knowledge (in order to understand how to analyze and manipulate online traffic), and a basic foundation in tech skills like HTML, CSS, and WordPress (useful for creating custom email templates and blog posts). Put those skills together, and you’ll be ready to seek out part-time work and extra income through a social media manager side hustle.

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Online Coaching Or Consulting

Beyond blogging, you can also become a coach or consultant for others, especially if you have some skills that people are looking for. Maybe you’re a social media maven, or you have great online business skills. Selling your time and hopping on a Skype call or Google hangout is a great hustle.

A good platform to get started with this is You can get paid by the minute for your consulting calls. If you’ve established yourself as a thought leader in your industry, you could also make yourself available on platforms like LinkedIn as well.

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Sell Stock Pictures

Perhaps taking pictures is your forte. If you are a great photographer, you could possibly sell your photos online. Sites like iStockPhoto are always looking for contributors, who get paid a royalty every time their photo is purchased. This could be a great way to turn your art into some extra cash.

Even if you don’t like to take pictures, more and more stock photo sites are also looking for digital art as well. If you’re strong at creating digital images (like the one we’ve used for this article), you could also consider selling your work.

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Become A Part-Time Uber Driver

I love the idea of ride-sharing as a side hustle because it’s one of the few “jobs” on here that you can truly do 100% on your own time. If you want to drive in the middle of the night or any other time, you can actually decide when you want to drive that’s why i called it part-time.

All you need is a car and some spare time. Just sign up with Uber and start driving people around. You’ll make what you put into it.

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