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5 Growth Strategies For Small and Medium Scale Businesses


As a small or medium scale what will keep you in business is growing, growth in all ways. Growth in different sections of the business can be dynamic but it is important to know that the same drivers and strategies will facilitate this growth.

There are a lot of growth strategies, but we will be focusing on these five most productive strategies you can work on and tweak to get a high growth rate in your firm.

This article will show you strategies that you can use to make your firm’s growth increase in an unbelievable way.

Value Proposition

The first thing you need to do is to make a value proposition. that is; the value your firm is rendering to customer is very important to actually formulate a strategy for growth. You need to know the value you are giving that is making customers return and what you are doing that you competitors are presently not doing. This is what you will capitalise on for the growth of your firm.

Target Audience

As soon as you know the value you want to give out to the public, the next step is to mark down your target audience. These are the people that will most likely patronise you. This will make your marketing very easy and productive. Make sure you are talking to the right type of audience with this strategy.

Study Your Competitors

Your competitors are the best samples for your case studies. Make sure you allocate time and resources to study them as much as possible. do not be afraid to ask for ideas and advice. Patronise them get into their organisations, know what they are doing per time. With this will be able to take an informed counter action every time.


As a small or medium scale firm you will see so many related firms all around you also trying out things related to what you are doing. You do not have to compete with all of them, you can actually partner with some in some areas that will be beneficial to both of you.

A partnership will help you to cut down on expenses and some cost on things that both of you might want to pay for. It will also increase efficiencies and will ultimately help your growth strategies.


Have you thought about selling new products or producing in a different way for a different market? This is also one of the things you can do for your firm’s growth. This is technical though, but if you can do the right type of product analysis, it will be easy for you to make something out of it. Make sure you do all the necessary research because a company will need to determine if the consumers in the new market will potentially like the new products.

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