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4 Things To Do When You Hear “I Don’t Trust You”


Trust is a very vital component needed to build a business and its brand, without trust you will not be able to get your customer’s loyalty.

You have to guard trust in every way possible. In a situation where a customer or a colleague comes out to tell you he or she does not trust you, you might want to act defensive or aggressive at first but that should not be your response to it.

Try the following to respond and also to gain their trust and loyalty completely.

Be the First to trust

The best way to gain someone’s trust is to actually show that you trust them, this will create the connection that you need. Trust is not bought, it is earned, therefore if you want to earn someone’s trust then start depending on them for some particular things that you know they can do.

If you are having difficulties trusting people around you, ask yourself the following questions;

Has this person ever given me a cause not to trust them?

Does this person have my concern at heart?

Have i clearly expressed my expectation of them?

Be dependable

When people find you dependable, you earn their trust and respect easily. Make sure you are a man or woman of your words, it is better for you to give information about how uncertain an outcome will be, than affirming that it will come out in a certain type of way and you end up giving some else.

For you to be dependable, you need to know what people are depending on you for, it is important for you to know their expectation, and then smash it.

Never give an excuse instead of an apology

Make it a habit to apologize when you have to, this makes people see the sincerity in your actions and this makes them trust you even more. If you are accused of breaking someone’s trust, apologize immediately and ask them how you can rebuild trust.

Talk about it

The best way to keep a relationship strong is communication, therefore talk with anyone that believe you have lost their trust, ask for how you can make it better and make sure you work towards it.

Do not shy away from talking about trust and make sure you consciously work to build and rebuild trust with others.

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