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How Barbing Salon Business can Earn You Unexpected Stream of Income


Luckily, a good barbershop will always have customers, even in a recession. Human hair will not stop growing just because the economy isn’t.

The average man cares about his look and visits the barbershop every week, parting with between N200 and N5000 as service cost, thereby spending between N800 and N20,000 in a month.

Therefore, we can safely assume that a barbershop with an average of 100 customers per month, can earn between N80,000 and N500,000 every month.

If you’re thinking of starting your own salon business here are 7 things you need to know

1) Get The Necessary Skills & Training:

You must offer your customers the best of services and there is no better way than to get the appropriate training.

A six months training in hair cutting, styling, treatment, and care will go a long way to set you apart from the crowd.

Much more than everyday style, you need to keep up with styles that are in vogue.

Read celebrity magazines, follow renowned hair stylists on Instagram and Facebook and see what their latest offerings look like.

And peradventure you employ a staff, get the best. Don’t employ rookies because you want to save cost. Protect your brand.

2) Get An Accessible Location For Your shop:

If you intend to attract the choicest customers, your location must speak for your business.

Site your business in a clean, spacious and accessible location. Shopping malls are good locations but you can also find other wonderful locations to plant your shop.

It is always good to have a parking spot for car owners. Let them know you have enough room for them. This will go a long way to affect the way people patronize your services.

3) Setup Your Shop:

What’s an idea without a corresponding action?

Now is the time for you to purchase your equipment and other important tools to get your shop running.

For starters, you will need the following:

  1. Rotating/ Barber Chairs
  2. Original Clippers
  3. Sterilizers
  4. Standby Generator
  5. Electronic Sterilizers/ sterilizer kits
  6. Beautiful Furniture
  7. Standing fans/ Air Conditioners
  8. Interior decorations
  9. Cover Clothes
  10. Long and wide wall mirrors
  11. Hair Products & cosmetics (Hair creams, Hair Sprays, dyes, relaxers, conditioners, Alcohol, etc.)
  12. Head washing basin
  13. Entertainment system
  14. Waiting chairs
  15. Lightning and wiring

4) Get A License:

This is to avoid any form of embarrassment from anyone including government agencies and labor associations. Make sure you are registered with the appropriate authorities and bodies.

5) Offer Different Kind Of Services:

Who said you can’t offer more than a haircut?

You could spice things up with the following:

  1. Manicures & pedicures
  2. Spa & makeup services
  3. Sale of clippers, shaving sticks, shaving powders, hair creams, shampoos, hairbrushes, etc.
  4. Making game consoles available for interested players
  5. Selling magazines, perfumes, male ties, cufflinks and other male products.
  6. Haircut training services

6) Have A Unique Selling Point:

Barbing salon business is no different from other kinds of businesses; you need to stand out from the competition.

Research your competitors to discover what they do differently and where their shortcomings lie.

Good character and customer relations, a welcoming salon, modern equipment, and expertise will add a touch of distinction to your business.

7) Finally, It’s All About The Packaging & The Marketing:

Customers will pay any amount as long as they get the value for their money.

Package your barbing salon business like a 21st-century empire.

Have a website because it will be crucial to your marketing efforts and can be used for everything from posting your hours and driving directions to selling salon services and showcasing your works.

Be available on Instagram, Facebook and TrustOrRun. Let your existing customers write reviews about your barbing salon.

Encourage your workers to dress in a particular style and let the uniformity speak for you.

All in all, barbing salon business is a profitable venture and one that grow into a franchise if well managed.


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