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10 methods to Improve your Marketing on a Low Budget


10 ways to Improve your Marketing on a Low Budget

There are a lot of Small & Medium Enterprises operating on a low/non-existing budget. How do they make it work, seeing as marketing is a key component of every business venture? We have come up with 10 ways by which you can improve your marketing with little or no budget. Sometimes, the most effective plans are the simplest ones:

1. Offer free consulting service for 30 minutes, but be careful so you don’t entertain time wasters.

2. Create instructional videos. Nothing complex, make it simple & short with just enough lighting and clear audibility.

3. Introduce a reward incentive when your current customers introduce new customers to your business.

4. Attend small events similar to your field in your spare time and make notes on it via your blog or social media

5. Brand your logo on a shirt and wear it from time-to-time, effectively becoming a walking billboard.

6. Become a volunteer for community projects. When you create value within your vicinity, people are bound to take notes.

7. Share your product samples with people who will write reviews and thereby encourage them to buy more

8. Post reviews/testimonials from your customers and friends on your blog or social media

9. Design aesthetically pleasing business cards and hand them out personally wherever you go.

10. Always look to partner with small organizations like yours for co-promotions/collaborations which helps to grow each other.

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