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11 Quick Questions Your Business Needs to Answer


10 Questions Your Business Needs to Answer

Is your business not moving as you want it to? Do you feel you can do better with the business model you have but it’s not just working out? Here are 10 quick questions your business needs to answer. There are no right or wrong answers but you should be able to look at your business and the questions and honestly ask yourself if you are satisfied.

1. What are the benefits you offer?

2. What do you think motivates your clients to buy? Are they driven by Fear of Loss, Desire for Gain, Self Preservation, Safety, Health, Security, Recognition, Power, Net Profits, Increased Sales, Lower Costs, Knowledge, Self Actualisation, Social Status, Riches, Popularity, Self Expression, Acceptance, Prestige, Success, Pleasure, or a combination of a few of these?

3. Why do you think your best/favorite clients purchased your service/product? (What benefit(s) attracted them?)

4. Have you asked your clients why they purchased from you?

5. How does your service improve the life or work conditions of your clients?

6. Have you written a profile of your best clients?

7. Have you identified a list of prospects similar to your best customers?

8. How do your clients normally purchase your service/product? (Your distribution system.)

9. Who is your competition?

10. What other “competition” do you have? (i.e., other kinds of products/services, lack of awareness on the part of your prospects, etc.)

11. Why do your prospects buy from your competition? (What benefit do they offer?)